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Denture Center

We strive to keep fees low,with personalized care.

We provide affordable dentures in days instead of weeks.

One of the biggest advantages we offer our patients is rapid and custom service of full and partial dentures, as well as relines and repairs, due to our on-site denture laboratory.

Full and partial dentures will be made to fit as well as possible given the conditions of each individual's mouth. (Unfortunately dentures are prosthetic devices and will never perform as good as natural teeth.)


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On-site denture lab and technician

On-site denture lab and technician

Our on-site Dental Laboratory gives us the ability to provide rapid and dependable service to you for all of your dental needs.

More importantly, ALL our dentures and partials are made in our lab and not outsourced to an offshore lab such as in China or elsewhere. Every step of denture construction is overseen by Dr. Goldman with his lab technician.

We can do same-day repairs and relines and also provide you with a new set of dentures in days instead of weeks.

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We have our own denture lab on the premises to provide rapid, custom service.

Same-day dentures

For emergency situations it is possible to get same-day dentures. We provide same-day relines and repairs.

Immediate dentures for post-extraction cases

Having our own laboratory also gives us the means to provide you with immediate dentures, which are a set of teeth pre-fitted to your mouth prior to tooth extraction so that they can be inserted immediately following the procedure while your gums heal. Immediate dentures have many advantages, not the least of which is never having to go without a set of teeth.

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Not sure if dentures are for you?

There are several options to consider if you have missing teeth and want to restore your smile.

Options include dental implants and dental bridges. There are even different types of dentures available, some of which even help prevent the bone loss that usually comes once teeth are extracted.

Dr. Goldman offers a personal consultation for $59 in which he conducts a full oral examination and x-rays and discusses which options would work best for you. He will answer any questions you have. Call 561-247-3730 or click here to schedule online.